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Friday, 30 March 2012

Personal Statement: CLEAR

I have been asked many times to speak about CLEAR, and I have been disinclined to do so.  This is not for any other reason than I believe there’s a dignity in silence.  If this personal ethic differs from yours, then I apologise, but that’s always been my preferred method owing to my upbringing.  However:

Over the last year, the political party, CLEAR, has been in action.

I was asked to be a member of the executive committee in the early portion of CLEAR’s inception.  I then left the organisation in November due to personal reasons.

Owing to the fact CLEAR is a political party, and it involves a subject matter that I am impassioned over, I feel I can address the party & leader without rancour and distant from personal involvement.  Just as I have views over the Liberal Democrats, Labour, or the Conservatives, I can also draw upon my democratic ideals with regards to CLEAR and address them in the spirit of politics.

For numerous reasons, I have felt unable to support CLEAR for many many months.  I feel its brief tenure in the political realm has done more harm than good.  Its current guise & output, I believe, is toxic to serious reform efforts and the wider discourse.

It’s with tremendous regret that I feel I have to state this, but it’s my hope that some semblance of progression can be made.

Whatever view of me anyone may have, I would like to think it’s known that I’m not as stupid as my ears make me look.  I have made my own mind up, using my own open senses, and without corruption from any one or any group.  As stated, my observations span many months.

I have always been very frank in that I wish for one thing and one thing only, and that’s the basic premise of reform; my personal work exists only for the betterment of this principle.  I was fervent and frank in that my judgement of CLEAR & leadership would come into play after one year of the organisation’s birth.  So, one year on, I believe CLEAR to not at all be acting in the highest standards and conduct.  I have been left open mouthed on a few too many occasions for it to be forgiveable; it has become the fabled car crash.

So in the interests of trying to put this part of my life fully behind me, and to progress in efforts of reform, I hope all can accept this statement with my regrets and humble best.