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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Introduction; New to Blogging.

So, with personal developments a brew, I thought I best put my incessant rambling and internet postings into constructive practice.  First step?  The humble blog.

I am about as proficient with website and tech stuff as a hillbilly is to ballet, it's not pretty, but you'd hope we can muddle through whilst squealing.  Feel free to throw insults my way when I inevitably churn something out that looks like Jedward has published it on a bad hair day.

This blog is simple, it's just me, laying out my quest and battle to seek legitimacy in the UK.  My story can be found here:


It's ironic that I am intensively private, but this is of no consequence when you have to lay out a few cold humanistic facts to demonstrate the lack of compassion that takes place in this world, and unfortunately, the UK in my case.

The last five years of my life have been embroiled in cannabis.  I've been disabled since I was 8, taken the prescribed pharmaceutical route that has ravaged my body, and am now at this point in my life fighting, quite literally, for life and preservation.  It is worth pointing out that, due to my myopic outlook in years past, I was "anti" all drugs, believed that prohibition was a good thing, and that cannabis was evil.  And then I bothered to research myself instead of being force fed propaganda that would make that guy with the famous moustache proud, I'm sure you know who I mean.... yes, Bob Carolgees!

In this blog I shall write about the personal issue and cost with cannabis prohibition, and will no doubt add the science parts along the way, but when you have world renowned academics and scientists fighting that side of things, they truly present a better case and cache than me.  These people, I thank profusely for all the work done on this issue and for how easy they make it when it comes to fighting the corner of regulation over prohibition.

I'll also try a vary it up with other subjects so I don't look like a one trick pony.  I can talk on other subjects... like... and...

So, I'll try and keep things sharp and snappy, I have a tendency of over talking, and I know in the blog world this is a sin that can't be forgiven.

Signing off for the first time, Jason (Home Grown Outlaw)

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