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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Excuse My Narcissism

I apologise for posting this clip, it makes it easier for me to point people towards when I get asked about it.  I never knew I had such a wonky face; I wish I had decorated that damned bedroom too!

All my thanks to my amazing parents too!


  1. Saw you on this Outlaw, you are a very brave man and your family are absolute stars. Why are you not the family in the public eye and not fucking Debra Bell?! A clear indication our media are as partisan as an Egyptian dictator.

  2. "you have got to have a 600w bulb to get any growth at all"

  3. Professor Nutt, Outlaw, you are heroes to many. Please keep it up the both of you, I know you're unwell Jason, and it's not and shouldn't be for you to take on this battle, but you're doing it right, you're making heaadway, and you've got so much support I can tell you. Come to Bristol and you'll recieve a heroes welcome. I want a tshirt! Long live the outlaw, long live the Nutt!

  4. Thanks guys, I think the programmes did a good job of showing us where prohibition is failing and just how bad it has got now in the UK. I'm glad to have been able to contribute.

    Keith, 600watts indeed. Oh well, I'm not going to correct them on it. Bless them.

    Matty, never been to good old Bristol, will do one day! Thanks for the really nice words though, you humble me well and truly!

  5. Nice to put a face to the legendary name Outlaw, you're a good looking chap, I be gay for a day for ya. Who wouldn't considering what you've done for the movement? lol You a hero dude, no mistaking.

  6. Ahh, you're not a bad looking bloke, I was looking at the pixled guy at the end! hahahahaha! oking Jason, you're a star mate, biggest pair of balls I've ever seen you have. How many other people have had a toke on the BBC?! Legend, pure pure legend.

  7. So this is the famous Outlaw? Nice beard, I read of the beard and now I see it with my own eyes. lol, you nutter Jason, you have the biggest set of balls since Nelson Mandella. I love you mate, I'm not afraid to say that.

    Beans -B-

  8. You and your parents deserve a bloody medal not a prison stretch, makes me sick to the bloody stomach that you have to go through this. I'm so sorry mate, you deserve a full and fruitful life outside this fucking shit hole of a country.

    I don't usually swear, but I relay the anger I truly truly feel.

  9. Just seen this on facebook and had to comment.

    I didn't know this was you, only just put two and two together! Oh my word, Martin Fowler in your bedroom? Was he "family" did he ever say "leave ittt?" sorry!!

    Outlaw, Jason, I fully love you. Your family is so nice and I want to come round for tea. How dare the law infringe you like this. It's shocking how corrupt the world actually is.

    If I ever here you are busted, I will not rest until a full revolution is in process. Your back is guarded well and bloody truly.

    As said by... um... Benny?! WFT?! LOLOL! I'm a full pacifist and would not harm a fly, but that will go out the window if I ever get to read that you're heading to court.

    Peace, love and all good things, I really do take my hat off to you and your family Jason. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  10. I stressed many times already that no system, no matter of how repressive, can survive on a series of "un-realities". Everything that the DEA and its allies use to intimidate citizens (and politicians) about the remarkable cannabis plant is based on unreality: cannabis is NOT physically addictive, the so-called "gateway drug theory" is NOT scientifically valid, smoking cannabis does NOT lead to increase in the risk of ling cancer, legalization in other countries did NOT lead to increased cannabis use, and in addition it is proven that cannabis use suppresses violent behavior. Cannabis is immeasurably safer than alcohol,(and most currently used prescription drugs - do we even notice their devastating potential side effects at their TV commercials?), and be so ignorant as to say that cannabis plant does not have medicinal value is to be out of touch with "reality" altogether. Legalization of medicinal cannabis is non-partisan because all of us can get sick and be able to take advantage of its remarkable medicinal properties. Let's reject the prohibitionist fear-tactics as they have no substance to them, and legalize cannabis in all 50 States without further delay!

  11. Good on ya New Age!

  12. You are clearly a brave and well rounded individual Jason, I fully respect you and what you have done.

    I've had M.E for 9 years and have tried it all. I've often thought of trying cannabis but the law prevents me. I couldn't go to prison, nor could you of course, but the fear would drive me wild. I am going to try though, and I have studied for some time what to try, and hope to make it to Europe to acquire some quality medical grade sources. I have god faith, and know so many like yourself who swear by it. I'll be a fool not to try and explore. Why do I have to travel a few miles into another country to try though? I simply can't get my head around that.

    You are an inspiration Jason, I truly hope you manage to change the laws, you clearly work so hard, and you really do deserve a medal, I'll support you for an OBE or knighthood I assure you!!!

    With truly all my love and best, Clair. xx

  13. Jason, I would so like to meet you. It's not me being a drama queen to suggest you're a hero and I truly truly thank you.
    What you do is beyond the call of duty and it's such a shame you're considered a criminal instead of the recognition you deserve. With all my love, Angel.

  14. From the amount of cannabis in your house Jason did the police not pay you a visit after that show was aired ?

  15. Wow, this is you Jason? I've seen you so many places and your work is second to none. Thank you so very much for all you do on behalf of myself and those who are too afraid to speak. I've got cerebral palsy and have found cannabis to be of tremendous use, I saw this programme air and have only just found you (despite seeing you so many other places)

    I've wanted to contact you and say hello, I'm so pleased to be able to email you if I may.

    You're my hero and a hero to my family. THANK YOU!

  16. You met Martin Fowler? He's fit. So are you as it goes, never knew you were a hotty. I'll be your outlaw any day Jason, you really are a true inspiration to many. My mum has had MS for 20 years and has kept it at bay with cannabis. The last few years of demonisation have been unforgivable. There is so much wrong with this world, and none more so than our corrupt drug laws that persecute the sick and disabled. Keep it up Jason, you really do have all my luv and support.

  17. Outlaw you need to get back in the game and sort this mess out that's currently going down. Don't let that odious little man lead the movement to ruin. You got power, you got respect.
    Sending myt luv mate,
    You know who ;0