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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


To all that support change in current policy, I invite you to take part in: PM MP.

What is PM MP?  Well, I am hosting a letter that I am encouraging as many people as possible to post one copy to the Prime Minister, and one copy to your MP.  It is through weight and numbers that points are grasped and policy changed.

It is also worth sending to the Home Secretary - Theresa May, and James Brokenshire - Minister for Crime Prevention at the Home Office.

If you would like to add your name and address so as to receive a reply, all the better.  If you wish to remain anonymous, then that's also fine, but please do take the time to send just two letters to the Prime Minister and your MP at this address:

Prime Minister,
10 Downing Street,
London, SW1A 2AA

Your MP can be found here:

They Work For You

And your MP's address will be:

MP's NAME, or James Brokenshire, or The Home Secretary Theresa May
House of Commons, 
London SW1A OAA

Below you can find the template letter that has been created to address the current law & policy that surrounds cannabis in Britain.  It is with a great deal of thanks to the Drug Equality Alliance for directing the wording to address this issue correctly.

Please do support this; please send the letters.  Fellow bloggers, please also host the letter and send forth.

Either copy & paste the below text into a letter, or I have provided downloadable links at the end of this blog post.  Thank you all. Jason.


I am writing to state my view that continuing prohibition of all private interests in cannabis is not in the best interest of society or the individual. Current policy is in many regards counter-productive and a drain on the country’s resources.  The administration of Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 is mandated to be under constant review & evidence based; its concern is solely to reduce social harm caused by drug misuse.  I submit that there can be no justification in law for the blanket ban on accessing a substance that many persons use responsibly, and many use to experience the amelioration of symptoms caused by various medical disorders. 

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 seeks to regulate human action re any harmful drug, it does not provide a mandate for prohibition, indeed when one examines the obligations of the ACMD one can see that the law seeks to make arrangements for the supply of controlled drugs.  The legislative aim is to control responsible human action and property interests through the regulation of the production, distribution and possession of any harmful drug; this being proportionate and targeted to address the mischief of social harm occasioned by misuse.  I note that the law does not prohibit the use of cannabis at all, and this often ignored fact was Parliament's way of opening the door to facilitate a suitable and rational regulatory structure.  I place it on record that I wish the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to be used properly, and neutrally; specifically; (under Section 1) -
“(2) (a) for restricting the availability of such drugs or supervising the arrangements for their supply.

The prohibition of all private interests in cannabis & the denial of the possibility of responsible use has failed: 

  • The estimated expenditure of £19 billion on the judicial ‘controls’ over UK drug policy is a large sum that cannot be justified in the current fiscal climate.  I do not believe it can be proven to be a valid policy even if the nation could easily afford it; it has a high price on liberty, and a paradoxical effect upon the health of all drug users - it has proved futile in almost every way, save for the government's blind adherence to the international treaties it chooses to fetter it's discretion to. 
  • There is an estimated street value of £5 billion profit going directly to gangs and cartels, and this in turn funds organised crime, human trafficking, and all manner of hard-line criminality.
  • Children have easy & ready access to cannabis.  Children are dealing cannabis and using cannabis with relative ease.
  • There is an estimated 165 million responsible and non-problematic cannabis users worldwide.  There is anything from 2 - 10 million adult users in the UK.  There is no societal benefit to criminalising such a large portion of society, these are generally law-abiding persons who wish to use a substance that is comparatively safer than many drugs that government choose to exclude users of from the operation of the MoDA 1971 (despite the Act being neutral as to what drug misusers are controlled, the most harmful drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are excluded by policy, but this is not reflected in the Act itself).
  • Under prohibition, as in 1920’s America, quality control has suffered giving way to hastily harvested cannabis which acts as the modern day equivalent of the infamous Moonshine & Hooch. The UK media terms this bad product simply as “Skunk”. Cannabis is now being cut with harmful drugs, glass, metal fillings, and chemicals to give false potency, and to add weight for profit motivations. 
  • To criminalise personal actions that do not harm others within the confines of privately owned property is at best draconian, and at worst futile & irresponsible.

I wish to encourage the adoption of a regulatory system that provides: 

  • An age-check system to prevent the young and vulnerable from obtaining cannabis with the ease they currently have.
  • The partial saving from the £19 billion drug enforcement budget, alongside the estimated street worth of £5 billion potentially collected from cannabis.  This would be a considerable sum in aiding the country in fiscal crisis.
  • Quality control that can be accorded to cannabis production and sale, thus ensuring that there are no dangerous impurities and that the correct balance of cannabinoids are present (according to the needs of the user) to minimise potential harms.
  • Potency & harm reduction information can be provided to adults, ensuring education is the forefront of the regulatory model.
  • A restriction on marketing and the creation of designated discreet outlets. As seen in many countries, given a place of legitimacy, the cache of cannabis is lessened in favour of responsibility.
  • The freedoms and rights for non-problematic users to be respected.

I do hope that you will give this matter the urgent attention it warrants.


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  1. Oh yes my friend, you've got it, you've got it!

  2. Already done my friend, already done. Printed, stamped, it's off as we speak. Great one mate.

  3. apreciate your link ,however living in usa so ive nothing to contribute except support of those who ,like myself,wish the legislation would be passed for the legalization of weed.... keep strong, keep tokin

  4. Thanks for putting this together. PEOPLE DO WRITE. You usually do surprisingly get a reply. I think it worth adding to the letter about some of the research proving links between cannabis and curing cancer, and to point out that cancer sufferers should be able to freely try and cure themselves whilst medical science spends its time trying to isolate / synthesize the active ingredients.

    may the force be with you!

  5. Printed off three times,1 for my MP,1 for David Cameron & 1 for Tersea (God I despise that woman) May.
    All ready to be posted soon as I finish this msg.
    I have put my own name on them as I think that is important & all I have to lose is my liberty if push comes to shove.
    I hope the dark side (govt) get the message that prohibition feeds crimminality & realise that "they" the govt are aiding the scum out there.
    "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.",you are a good man J.X.

    Stay strong


  6. Hi James,
    That's a great letter. I'm definitely sending a version of it to my MP Tessa Jowell. And I hope you don't mind me reproducing it on my blog too. ( ) It's a such nice, succinct summary of the arguments against prohibition. I think it should be seen far and wide.

  7. Letter copied and sent to James Duddridge MP for Westcliff-on-Sea.
    Anything else I can do?

  8. Five copies gone off from me, may even do one a week as I think this is such a good idea. I support this 100% and wish you the best of health mate, you're a star. Patty.

  9. Damn straight, about time things got people behind it!

    I'm going on a press spree as we speak Outlaw mucker, you've got my vote.

  10. Kyle,

    I cannot believe that you have for want of a better word converted me. If you had told me a month ago I would be wanting to mail in efforts to sort cannabis out, I would have laughed in you face, but I cannot argue with you/this. You're right and I hold my hands up to pure ignorance. Just becuase I don't like cannabis, I still see full merits of your proposals to the point where nothing else is going to do. If we want to safen our streets, we need to sort this out. Thank you Jason for opening my eyes, and I don't say that lightly.

  11. SENT to 8 people, not just MPs, I agree, press needs this too, the real deal needs to be reported, and this sums it up perfectly. JD

  12. Barry's Revolting9 February 2011 at 09:53

    Just sent this to a few press people, hope you don't mind. You're an inspiration Jason my friend. All my sincere best, Barry Smith

  13. You have got it my friend, I shall mail with pure pleasure.

    As said above, you really have some heart Jason!

  14. Go Jason.


    1. how does that printed coppy compare to

  15. All done. Hope it works out for you. XD

    Nik Morris

  16. I shall send to MP and think I'll go Borris too, why not, it needs all hands on deck. We need but one or two hitters to fight the corner to make a difference. I hope Bob Ainsworth and Paul Flynn, not to mention the lovely Caroline Lucas, use this!!!!!!!!!!


  17. consider it done. i was just half way through trying to write similar for my MP, MSP, 1st minister and prime minister but yours, as always is so much more eloquent. (Hooter from THCT)

  18. Yep, done, first time I've used a stamp in 10 years, I didn't even know you didn't have to lick them now.

  19. Oh ho ho, you've got it, will be sending 1st class with some added comment of my own. If it's all the same, I'll use the MoDA language as I would not have a clue on that, so yeah, thanks DEA, but I'll word my own letter as this is obviously an important issue to me and want to convey my constructive anger. Thankyou for the template though, really handy.

    Big Johnny 5

  20. I'd like to create a wave of technically accurate language. Always bring the discussion back to the regulation of persons, not cannabis please. A tip is to avoid these expressions and comments:

    1. De-criminalisation/criminalisation/ legalisation of cannabis.
    2. Legal/illegal/illicit drugs or cannabis.
    3. War on drugs
    4. Any problem with the Misuse of Drugs Act - note it is always a problem with the ADMINISTRATION of it.

  21. Language is for communication, not obfuscation.

  22. well im in court on 25th feb for growing cannabiss.
    its true the laws are more harmfull than the drugs.......... n james

  23. That is precisely why I am doing this Peter, so I am not sure if you are agreeing with me here or not. If you read the papers I have posted from the 'interrogation' of Vernon Coaker on drug policy, you will see the importance of this issue - these words I complained about above are the ideological unlawful basis of the current policy, of everything you seek to undermine. We must reveal that the law is already a tool of regulation being mispplied through the errors of law and thinking that these expressions encapsulate and give effect to. If you are still unconvinced, then can we chat about this please and PM me a number or I will give you one.

  24. Good day fellow humans.

    I am living in Malmö, Sweden. And Cannabis is illegal in this country. As in every country on this planet, there are a mass of cannabis users here.

    I agree with the letter written above and i would like to send it to a few important people that could change this countrys history.

    Im holding my thumbs for this, we do have right to tell our opinion about this kind of matters, for the inhabitants' best.

  25. You're that guy off the telly aintch? lol

    you had me at hello outlaw, done, sent, posted and more on the way. Nice, nice nice

  26. I have to say that this changes everything. The "free the weed" brigade need to take heed of this letter and your whole blog Jason, this is how we should be directing the arguments, and I fully agree with Sunshineband that certain things need to be avoided. Thanks.

  27. Keep up the good work!!! Have reposted.

  28. I would love to replicate this, I think the notion has a wider field than the UK, maybe draft an international version and we'll all do it from relevant countries? Mr Dean.

  29. copied to

  30. I'll send it with a big fuck off at the end. I won't obviously but I so so want to. I detest this current government, I thought we couldn't get any worse, but we certainly have.

  31. Nicely put, I will copy, paste and send. I will share provide and promote to others, the power of social media is not limited to the middle east if we can't yet fill the squares we can at least fill the postal sacks, it is a time for 'forcing' social change.

  32. Agree with the well-drafted letter but propose one non-addictive addition-- anonymous (above) said it best maybe unintentionally:

    "We need but one or two hitters to fight the corner to make a difference."

    Define a "one hitter" as in Wikipedia: "One hitter (smoking)", and a "two hitter" as a one hitter with two long flexible drawstems, and you will get my drift. We need to propose to the PM and MP's that shortly upon eliminating prohibition, sincere dedicated craftspersons and advocateurs will spread out like Mormons and Witnesses and rigourously promote widespread replacement of the hot burning overdose "joint" (laced with addictive tobacco) with cheap (under GBP5.00) ubiquitous 25-mg. single-toke utensils which physically embody the moderation, "control" and "management" everyone wants to see, thus eliminating "drug effects" and behaviour degradation now maliciously attributed to the cannabis but actually caused by heat shock, carbon monoxide and the synergy with tobacco.

  33. when will we be free to crack our beans the words they taught us are used against us il be getting a letter of man peace

  34. I love the idea, don't think it'll make the slightest difference, but worth a shot. I can only thank people like yourselves for standing up and doing something. So many are prepared to take it, and I'm not anymore. We need change, we need it badly. I have kids, they are facing all kinds of danger due to current law. We need to all stand up, whether you use cannabis or not, this affects you. See here:

  35. I've just realised, I've posted your video haven't I?! That's you isn't it?! What a div I am! lololol rofl!

    AND you're the one of the telly aren't you? It's all coming to me now, blonde moment, big big blonde moment. X hugs XX

  36. Jason just scored with the blonde!

  37. I'm a happily engaged lady I'll have you know!

    Having said that yes, I'm his if he wants it fro sure! lol lmao!
    This is anon isn't it?! I'll email you. X)0(X

  38. I've done 15 copies now, think I'll call that is if you don't mind outlaw.

  39. awesome dude, im on it tomorrow morning.



    Just copied this across to the BreedBaY Forums, it's spreading like a truth virus.. nice letter



  42. Drug users exercising their votes in this election context is not a good thing in one aspect. This data should be kept confidential as the activities are criminal, don't be lulled into self-identification by voting as that is ID coded (unless you are prepared to be monitorred at a later date on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance as a price you wish to pay). My concern is that the War is in full throttle. THE LAW DENIES THE SELF FROM ACTUALISING THROUGH IT'S ATTACK ON FREEDOM OF THOUGHT.

  43. Thanks everyone who's taken the time to do this and comment. I feel it is of vital importance to address this correctly with the Government and the public alike a Sunshine Band said.

    Thanks Maria too, and yes, I actually did get your email, I'll reply properly asap. No, it's not dodgy before Peter starts ribbing me! hehe.

    Also, yes, fully agree, email this letter will be the best option in saving paper. Good point.

    Special thanks to Dr. Susan Blackmore too!

    Hope we can keep this going a little while longer, I think we all know that it's a small step and we're not expecting miracles, but this is an exercise in making governance justify action, to defend prohibition, and to draw attention to the true issue and language of the MoDA1971.

    Thanks everyone again! Jason

  44. I have to agree with Sunshine Band, a lot of the people who will be receiving these letters are ex barristers, lawyers etc They understand the meaning and significance of each and every word.
    Remember, the power to regulate Cannabis is already in the MoDA, it's just a policy decision that keeps us from being able to use Cannabis freely.

    Peter Reynolds would do well to consider this as it would appear he thinks it's 'obfuscation', he couldn't be more wrong and this shows a huge misunderstanding of the whole argument.



  45. Tom, you misunderstand me completely. I fully support Darryl, Ed and the DEA in its insistence on a correct interpretation of the MoDA.

    I am fully supportive of PM MP. It's been on my website from day one. I've sent five letters myself. I'm actively working with Jason on this and other campaigns.

  46. Sorry Peter, I saw some of you're comments replying to Darryl on that subject and you appeared to me to not understand where he was coming from.

  47. Hi Jason and everybody.

    Has anybody had a reply from MPs yet?
    It's thersa may(home sec) who will make the decision on this..
    Just a pity Mo Molam not with us any more, think some MPs need to be reminded about her plight.....


  48. it wrong to make me an outlaw just because i smoke marijuana. i dont hurt anyone, i dont steal for my smoke. by legalizing cannabis, crime figures will go dowm, maybe get britain out of this recesion, and unemployment will go down. its a no brainer.

  49. trouble is some smart ass will just say "think of the children drugs are bad mkay" they are fine but they will always bring in the new stains excuse and how it effects yongue developing minds and try justify spending another 20billion on policing that and turning under 18 year old into criminals with no chance of a future job due to a criminal record for smoking a little pot.

  50. Received a letter back from James Dudridge (Tory MP for Southend-on-Sea)in response to the letter printed above.
    The usual BS and also a printed copy of the Misuse of Drugs Act.....

  51. M da Silva,

    Am I able to add the reply you had to the update section? Would this be at all ok?

    A printed copy of the MoDA1971? How very odd, what made him do that? Did he read it first per chance?

    1. how does that printed coppy compare to

  52. Sent letters almost month ago... Still haven't got reply :-/

  53. My son would have agreed with the legalisation of cannabis. He is dead now. He progressed to other drugs. He was 21.