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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reply from David Burrowes MP

In reply to my original letter here:

Dear Jason

Thank you for emailing me about my question on Cannabis use on 9th May. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you.

I appreciate that this issue is controversial, and that passionate views are held on both sides of this debate. However, I was careful and deliberate in noting a ‘probable causal link’ between cannabis use and mental illness. This position closely reflects the latest official guidance and research conducted by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs in their 2008 report ‘Cannabis: Classification and Public Health’.

I fully and actively support attempts to reduce drug use, crack down on drug-related crime and disorder and help those who use drugs, including cannabis, come off them for good. Having met a large number of addicts during my previous career as a Criminal Defence Solicitor, and during my investigation into alcohol and drugs treatment with the Centre for Social Justice, I have been guided to focus on how we can improve treatment rather than change legislation.

Although we do not agree on this issue, I would  like to thank you once more for taking the time to contact me.

Best wishes



  1. I received word for word the same today Jason. I give the man credit for at least having the courtesy to reply. Too many politicians, particularly ministers, are so arrogant they don't even bother.

  2. somebody pass this guy a splif geezzzz !!!!

  3. Hmm, what a polite way of saying he's sticking to his bigotted and false views regardless of any facts to the contrary. It's just a shame that such a response was expected.

  4. good ol MPs. they cant help but finger cannabis is the same frame as attictive substances,
    "Having met a large number of addicts during my previous career"
    erm would the honourable gentleman let to number how many of those were/are "cannabis addicts". to think this guy prob was advised what to reply hes done a pretty weak job. write just enough to make them think youve looked into it but not enough to show youre doing anything about it. hey and lets not forget to bother actually answering your letter or correct himself on his errors.

  5. Dear Mr Burrowes

    How very clever of you to be careful   not to use truthful words, I was very impressed by your complete lack of honesty. I am even more impressed by how, when called out on it, you can act so smug.
    You may want to get the advisory council to update their research as it is quite out of date. Recent research has proved your carefully put claims to be false.

    I am pleased to hear that you are actively participating in the reduction of drug use but I am concerned that despite the evidence you continue to maintain the delusional opinion that prohibition is solving the problem. If the publics health and well being were indeed your primary concern you would not support prohibition at all, it clearly is responsible for a lot of deaths and health problems.
    If you truly want to reduce cannabis use an make it safer for those that use it you need to take it out of the black market and safely regulate its production and then restrict its distribution and sales accordingly. You would also need to truthfully educate the public as if they think you're lying about one drug, they'll think you're lying about them all. 
    What you are doing is more damaging then doing nothing at all. I dread to think what kind of uninformed amateur advised you not to change the legislation.

    Please take into consideration the lives you will continue to ruin by not acting on this matter sooner.

    Also may I add that you refused to comment on your claims that the killer drug cocaine is safer then cannabis that is yet to kill anyone, are we forgetting that you said that?

    Best wishes

    The general public.

  6. Yup, I received exactly the same response from him, at least he did have the decency to reply and not just refer me to the Home Office.

  7. Pathetic, Weak & Shameless!!

    Grow some balls and seek the real truth, what a tit.

    Nothing will ever change with bigots like this running the show, it's a real shame because America is starting to see things differently these days so why can't the UK be the same?


  8. So why haven't I had one of his standard letters then? Bah!

    I've been ignored by much more important people than this cretin, I'll have you know!



  10. Cannabis users are short sighted. I know I used to be one! I also used other substances but cannabis was the main. I think because I believed it was harmless. It was at first. Then came the inability to be motivated to do what non-users do, like work, then came the paranoia, which of course, could also be attributed to spending a large amount of time on my (Exciting) Gone were the days of a few social spliffs. I needed a joint to get up in the morning and face the day, and if I used any other substance this way..well...that makes me an addict! I have been free from all substances for 7 years now. Try it and you might realise exactly how much your mental health, social relationships, motivation, finances and whole self is affected! If you want to live your life asleep, fine. But don't knock a man that would rather see this generation achieving with their lives instead of promoting a snail exisetence as ok. I too once campagned for the legalization of cannabis...Then I grew up!

    1. Hi Clare,

      Thank you for the comment. You see, this is where we differ. I don't believe any substance to be "harmless" and respect it as so. Prescription medications give you a good precedent for spotting harms, addiction patterns and dependency.

      I'm glad you spotted your own tendencies for dependence. Well done and keep up your sterling work, I whole heartedly mean that. I wish you continue success in abstinence.

      Unfortunately, some of us are not so lucky; although I would dearly love to abstain from all drugs and substances, but as with many testimonies - it is something that my long term health will not permit. When facing a choice between a vast array of pharmaceuticals that are far more addictive, harmful, organ toxic, and fatal, you can see why cannabis really is a safer alternative.