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Friday, 30 March 2012

Personal Statement: CLEAR

I have been asked many times to speak about CLEAR, and I have been disinclined to do so.  This is not for any other reason than I believe there’s a dignity in silence.  If this personal ethic differs from yours, then I apologise, but that’s always been my preferred method owing to my upbringing.  However:

Over the last year, the political party, CLEAR, has been in action.

I was asked to be a member of the executive committee in the early portion of CLEAR’s inception.  I then left the organisation in November due to personal reasons.

Owing to the fact CLEAR is a political party, and it involves a subject matter that I am impassioned over, I feel I can address the party & leader without rancour and distant from personal involvement.  Just as I have views over the Liberal Democrats, Labour, or the Conservatives, I can also draw upon my democratic ideals with regards to CLEAR and address them in the spirit of politics.

For numerous reasons, I have felt unable to support CLEAR for many many months.  I feel its brief tenure in the political realm has done more harm than good.  Its current guise & output, I believe, is toxic to serious reform efforts and the wider discourse.

It’s with tremendous regret that I feel I have to state this, but it’s my hope that some semblance of progression can be made.

Whatever view of me anyone may have, I would like to think it’s known that I’m not as stupid as my ears make me look.  I have made my own mind up, using my own open senses, and without corruption from any one or any group.  As stated, my observations span many months.

I have always been very frank in that I wish for one thing and one thing only, and that’s the basic premise of reform; my personal work exists only for the betterment of this principle.  I was fervent and frank in that my judgement of CLEAR & leadership would come into play after one year of the organisation’s birth.  So, one year on, I believe CLEAR to not at all be acting in the highest standards and conduct.  I have been left open mouthed on a few too many occasions for it to be forgiveable; it has become the fabled car crash.

So in the interests of trying to put this part of my life fully behind me, and to progress in efforts of reform, I hope all can accept this statement with my regrets and humble best.


  1. Well said. It's just simply laughable.


  2. Wondered what the hell was going on mate, it's pure madness. Clear have been going from bad to worse....... it needs to retire now seriously.

  3. I did wonder what you thought, old beann, lol.

    I can't see how he can expect to lead when so many oppose him. Maddness

  4. Dignified, and well said. It's time things changed, it's not worked. :-( Bb

  5. J, you wouldn't say this if you hadn't got good reason. I've had my doubts about clear for a fair few months, and I would gladly like to see it go the way of the LCA. Fin.

  6. The in-fighting over at Clear makes the spats at UK420 look like the school yard. The way things have been going I'm glad I've kept a relitively low profile. It needs to be sorted one way or another the iformation on ther was cross-referenced by so many submissions to the drugs debate and the comment warriors means online polls etc weren't missed.


  7. Well done Homegrown, good for you.
    This man speaks for no one.
    He really should be a warning poster for the dangers of Cannabis Psychosis!

  8. I've seen a lot of stuff going around, some personal, some really distressing, some stupid, but at the end of the day, it's the output of any organisation that needs looking at. For this reason alone, I have not supported clear or that wally for many moons. Why? Because it's overly militant, it's tribal, and it's not going to gain the respect or support of non stoners. I don't class myself as a stoner, or in the 'cannabis community', I just want a decent organisation that'll look out for my best interests as a member of society, a tax payer, and someone with half a brain!!! clear. off!

    Support Transform, Release, LEAP.These are the ones that we need to look to for change and real dialogue.

  9. Peter Reynolds' politics seem sound though.

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