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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cannabis Law Doesn't Affect You? - Sure?

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  1. Why? ->

  2. Fantastic work Jason, right on message. One or two points from the eagle ear of the Drug Equality Alliance (not wishing to detract from this excellent piece):

    1. At 3.13 you refer to alcohol not being within the jurisdiction of the MDA - I think you mean that it is not currently classified within the schedules of dangerous drugs, yet to be precise, alcohol is firmly within the jurisdiction of this law, it's just that government choose to keep it and tobacco outside of these schedules. Casey Hardison is taking out a Judicial Review against the Home Secretary right now to make this exact point - she has abandoned her leal jurisdiction over the misusers of these drugs by believing that they are 'legal drugs' which are not part of the MDA, in fact the MDA is for any drug, old or new, that is causing or likely to cause social harm.

    At 5.19 you say that the MDA is not evdence-based; again I know you know what you are talking about but it's not expressed in the best way - the MDA is an entirely rational Act in principle, what is wrong is only the administration of it.

  3. Jason boyo!

    (no greater compliment coming from a Welshman)

    I'm flying around between meetings in London at the moment and staying with my parents so I can't give my response proper attention - yet.

    I only watched the first two minutes or so but congratulations, it looks excellent - and nice to "meet" you properly for the first time.

    I can't wait to see the rest. I'll be home on Friday. I'll be in touch then

  4. Hello Jason, just watched the video, and its bloody brilliant - just what we need, a rational argument against prohibition that people can relate to! I think you should definately make it into a series, and we'll try and make it go viral! I'll also post it on my next blog if you want?

  5. Fantastic job Jason.

    What more can I say?

    I'm an outlaw.

  6. Nice one Jason! Articulate and well researched. Will share!

  7. Oh, and of course, I'm happy to declare that I am also an Outlaw!...(Thank goodness)

  8. In Wisconsin, we apply a different label to people who talk about hemp and cannabis with Truth, Honesty and Compassion. We do not call them a Outlaw, we call them a hero.

    Keep up the great work!

    We will to share your story on our main site and the variety of blogs we have. Again, great job.

  9. fantastic video, really. Job well done. Keep going and keep growing buddy.