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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Criminal Records & Dodgy Numbers

I apologise in advance for musical sacrilege; "With Live in Mind (I'm Sorry)" -

UK spends £19billion on the 'War on Drugs'

U.S spent over 40 years $1trillion on the 'War on Drugs'

You're 6 times more likely to be arrested and 11 times more likely to be imprisoned as a black UK resident

U.S incarcerated 37million non violent drug offenders 

U.N: To impact the 'War on Drugs' we need to seize 60-70% of heroin imports; we stop 1% (Professor McKeganey @17.30mins)

U.N: Global drugs trade worth $320billion

UK has worst drug problem in Europe

MEXICO DRUG WAR - death tally


Portugal 2



LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

Students For Sensible Drug Policy 

Drug Equality Alliance 


  1. Very cleverly done my friend, expose this for bullshit it is, I like it, like it a lot.

    I actually did not know that Mexico had got so bad, 35k dead? That is just crazy. Why isn't this on the news everyday? Why do even those of us in the drug policy debate not know the full extent? Why the lack of exposure to the figures of slaughter? That to me says something in itself.

    I will pass on, thank you for the video!

  2. Hahaha, great stuff outlaw, a point well made mate, you have a very unique way of getting the point across

  3. Like it! Passed on!

    Mexico!.. two words.. F*** ME! no idea it was that bad. We're next.

  4. When will we have someone with guts in power to take the bull by the horns? Portugal at some point needed bollocks, even the Czechs did it, but we're going backwards????????? FTW!

  5. For me, the Mexico figures really need driving home, and just as the Drug Equality Alliance says, the war on drugs is actually a war on people and needs to be remembered to be so.

    I did have some other pictures in the Mexico section of the video, but decided they could be a tad harsh, but I really wanted to get the gravitas of inhumanity across, so that really was a hard decision to make. The balance between being respectful to the deceased with making sure people wake up to what loss of life means in real terms; it's a hard one to configure and hope I got it as right as I can.

  6. Disgusting stats. Makes you sick. This fucking country has gone to the dogs and I thiink you've pointed out just why. Good work friend

  7. The only thing wrong with the world is people like you who feel the need to push drugs on kids. Stop talking about it, stop rabbiting on and the kids will probably stop taking them. All the while the likes of you keep talking of this, you're raising awareness that drugs even are out there.

  8. "Kyle" - You're having a laugh correct? You're not real are you with a name like that, I can spot irony with the best of them...... I pray that's ironic or else I will lose faith in the world.

  9. No, I'm very serious, drugs are the scourge of the earth and should be eradicated. I'm on the fence with cannabis though, I'll give you that. It doesn't seem very fair that alcohol can cause such massive harm and cannabis fairly little in comparison. Plus, I see the merits of giving an outlet to it so that gives age checks in place.

  10. Ok, I'll admit I was a tad hasty in my remarks and would like to apologise to the author of this site. I came across the video via a link on world news and a couple of other sites and just got a bit annoyed seeing another drugs thing. After reading some of the work on here, and watching the other video about cannabis, I will backdown that I got the wrong end of the stick. This guy is not a legaliser for the sake of legaliser, he raises some very compelling points that I do take on board. He's also had some really hard trials in life and would like to say sorry for my harsh tones in the first comment. I fully appreciate what you are doing on this site and will be more careful in future not to let my hot head get in the way. I wish you some really good health and hope you lead a good and productive life. Thank you for some really good information too.

  11. I'll let you off then Kyle, you've clearly learnt something (and I really don't mean that patronising) it would be nice if more people were as open to some facts as you as it goes.

    There is a reaction of 'drugs are bad, illegal makes it all better' -- which of course is nonsense all round. As Jason says (HomeGrownOutlaw) firstly, we have no such thing as illegal drugs, this is a war on people and behaviour, so you can never win. Secondly, prohibition is the cause of all this hell, so let's just face facts and move on like the rest of the world is starting to do.

  12. Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated.

    And thank you James and Kyle for the discussion, I'm glad it was apparent what my aims were in the making of the videos and blog as a whole. If only a few more people were as open to views as you Kyle. You do find that it is fortified barriers that get in the way of debate.

  13. FFAGuest_Writer_126 January 2011 at 14:16

    Nicely done, gets the point across really well!

    Looking forward to more of the same

  14. Saw you on the telly the other night and thought I would say hello. Well done Jason for standing up and making a difference, you're a very brave man. Your family are lovely too, all power to you all. Wishing you wellness and our love, Peter and Julie x

  15. Well done Jason! Outlaw all the way. You have the support of a nation I can bloody tell you. Keep safe and keep up the great work, lov to your family too, legends all of you. Malk.

  16. Just read you in I smoke mag, nice one man, glad to have found your site, nice vids and tunes too, you've got it all here aint you? You should get a proper site duder, you've got something here

  17. I fear in the deepest sense, that the UK will be the next Mexico, why wouldn't we when we pursue the same bollocks of a war. We're leading prohibitionists now, gold fucking standard! Thanks for doing what you do Outlaw, you're a hero to many, and I hope you receive the communal praise deserved once this damn war is won by us.